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Puerto del Tango presents Tangarto live + milonga

Written by Puerto del Tango on . Posted in Μilonga

Φωτογραφία του χρήστη Puerto Del Tango.


Here they come!

We are delighted to present you for the very first time in the city of Volos, the quinteto "TANGartO" in a remarkable performance hosted in Labart, one of the best venues in town.

The event includes a concert as well as a milonga (argentinian tango party)! 
So, tangueros and tangueras get ready for the second part of the event and let the milonga begin!

Stay tuned for the featuring Tjs of the night.


Join us to walk the paths of Buenos Aires through its music and dance with many years of history and culture, TANGO.

Argentine Tango first developed in the area of Rio De la Plata in Buenos Aires, emerging different styles from various cultures. 
The creation of tango appeared so that people could express their fears, their loneliness, their need for love and the feeling of marginalization.


Booking in advance: 10 € (link will be added soon)
Box office: 12 €

Are requested to RSVP for booking in advance at a discount price

*No drinks included in the ticket price



The TANGartO quinteto is an orchestra with the interpretation and the authentic feeling of Argentine tangos attached to its name. 
It has a remarkable, finest and polished career since 1996, choosing carefully the concert venues, with breathtaking performances!
It is an adaptable band with great dynamics and a wide range of repertoire, striving to perform authentic pieces. 
The unique sound of the bandoneon... the interpretation of the musicians, electrifies and excites the audience, spreading the passion and emotion of this music!

Intense character and soul distinguishes the sound of this orchestra.

With various tours around Greece and Cyprus, it has been hosted by a range of radio and television shows. 

It has collaborated with various Greek and foreign dance artists:
Tasos Kechagias-Alexia Silabrou, Luis Alberto Mestre-Elena Gosi, 
Pablo Medici-Veronica Kuttel, Stefanos Hatzigeorgiou-Valentina Dragatsi, Loukas Balokas-Georgia Priskou, Dimitris Loukakis-Vicky Damianou, etc., as well as different dance groups (Dance Studio Tanguero, Seresta Dance Company, Quick Step, Tango Sabor etc.).
It has cooperated with various music artists such as:
Janet Kapouya, Eirini Daskalaki, Bruno Dando, Anna Alexopoulou, Maria Tiraski, Melina Boteli, Tzina Fotinopoulou, Sonia Theodoriou, Claudia Delmer, Louiza Sofianopoulou, etc.

This exquisite orchestra is consisted by: 
Lefteris Grivas(bandoneon), George Panagiotopoulos(violin), 
Thomas Kontogiorgis(piano), Aristidis Chatzistavrou(guitar),
Apostolos Papapetros(contrabass)

The Tango culture is a delight to the senses. The pieces of Astor Piazzolla contain sounds able to initiate even the most unfamiliar of the kind. 
It worth’s testing the emotional world or these Tangos!


So, we will be waiting for you, in a remarkably enjoyable night with a sense from Buenos Aires!