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About Us

Puerto del Tango is an independent and non-profit cultural corporation which aims at:

The promotion and dissemination of Argentinean tango.

The organization of performances, milongas, educational seminars, lectures, film screenings, educational tours etc.

The communication with other areas of arts and culture and the cultivation of the perspective to exchange views, ideas, experiences and emotions with them.

The contact with other cultural and dance groups which are interested and active in the original form of tango, So, we are looking for people with fresh ideas, creativity and fun !!!

Structure of the Board

(elections 29/04/2014)

President: George Gerovasilis

Vice President: Maria Gati

Secretary: Georgia Kalligiannaki

Treasurer: Despina Georgiadou

Director: Nick Kyparissopoulos

Alternates: Athena Efraimides, Eirini Lyritsi, George Persoufliotis

Audit Committee: Thekla Sanida, Peristeropoulos Argyris


(elections 05/17/2012)

Chair: Stella Katsarou

Vice President: Argyris Peristeropoulos

Secretary: Theodore Zissis

Treasurer: Angel Peristeropoulos

Director: Telis Katsioulas

Alternate members: Konstantinos Tsardounis, Chris Moglis, Maria Anastasiou, Nikos Kyparissopoulos and Tertimpas Elias


(elections 05/09/2010)

President: Argyris Peristeropoulos

Vice: Theodore Zissis

Secretary: Stella Katsarou

Treasurer: Stella Vilaetis

Director: Telis Katsioulas

Alternates: Angelos Papadimitriou Peristeropoulos and Vaso Papadimitriou



The regular board of the corporation takes place every month.

All members of the corporation are welcome to attend the councils, but they do not have voting rights. All members of the corporation are kindly requested to make comments or suggestions or to raise issues, they believe that should be discussed by writing an e-mail to the mail addressof the corporation (

Decisions taken by the Board will be published in the minute book and will be disposable to all members through the secretary of the corporation.